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EivaaGames Props Pack contains 34 highly detailed and fully textured static shapes, offering quick dimension and realism to any game environment.

By adding these objects, your project will quickly gain realism, game play complexity, and credibility. In addition you'll have completed, quality, functional game art that can be used as a template in future.

An empty place can become an exciting arena with a few cargo containers, crates and boxes. A few traffic cones, a dumpster and a chain fence will add credibility to street, alleys, parking lots, industrial sites etc. Be creative and mix these items to create a quick persistent atmosphere for your game.


Source models are 3ds Max 8 .max files. OBJ files for other 3D packages.
Models are with LODs depending on poly count.

Download size: 9 MB

System Requirements:
Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP, Mac OS X, or a Linux environment to unpack the files (stored in .zip format).
Torque Game Engine SDK to use precompiled Torque files.
Valid 3D Modeler application capable of importing OBJ or Max files to edit the content.


Each shape includes:
LODs depending on poly count.
Complete object set up for the Torque Game Engine MAX exporter.
Cutting edge model and texture detail.

Included files:

3D Studio MAX 8 Files:
barrel001.max, barrel002.max, barrel003.max, barrel003-opened.max, barrel004.max, barrelPlastic001.max, barrelPlastic002.max, cage001.max, CardBoardBox001.max, CardBoardBox002.max, cargoContainer001.max, cargoContainer002.max, cargoContainer003.max, chainLinkFence001.max, chest001.max, chest001-opened.max, crate001.max, crate002.max, crate003.max, crate005.max, crate007.max, crate008.max, crate009.max, crate010.max, crate011.max, crate012.max, crateWide001.max, crateWide002.max, dumpster001.max, gasTank001.max, gear001.max, spareTire001.max, trafficCone001.max, trafficCone002.max

OBJ Exported Files:
barrel001.obj, barrel002.obj, barrel003.obj, barrel003-opened.obj, barrel004.obj, barrelPlastic001.obj, barrelPlastic002.obj, cage001.obj, cardBoardBox001.obj, cardBoardBox002.obj, cargoContainer001.obj, cargoContainer002.obj, cargoContainer003.obj, chainLinkFence001.obj, chest001.obj, chest001-opened.obj, crate001.obj, crate002.obj, crate003.obj, crate005.obj, crate007.obj, crate008.obj, crate009.obj, crate010.obj, crate011.obj, crate012.obj, crateWide001.obj, crateWide002.obj, dumpster001.obj, gasTank001.obj, gear001.obj, spareTire001.obj, trafficCone001.obj, trafficCone002.obj

Torque DTS Files:
barrel001.dts, barrel002.dts, barrel003.dts, barrel003-opened.dts, barrel004.dts, barrelPlastic001.dts, barrelPlastic002.dts, cage001.dts, cardBoardBox001.dts, cardBoardBox002.dts, cargoContainer001.dts, cargoContainer002.dts, cargoContainer003.dts, chainLinkFence001.dts, chest001.dts, chest001-opened.dts, crate001.dts, crate002.dts, crate003.dts, crate005.dts, crate007.dts, crate008.dts, crate009.dts, crate010.dts, crate011.dts, crate012.dts, crateWide001.dts, crateWide002.dts, dumpster001.dts, gasTank001.dts, gear001.dts, spareTire001.dts, trafficCone001.dts, trafficCone002.dts

Texture Files:
barrel001.jpg, barrel002.jpg, barrel003.jpg, barrel004.jpg, barrelPlastic001.jpg, barrelPlastic002.jpg, cardboardBox001.jpg, cardboardBox002.jpg, cargoContainer001.jpg, cargoContainer001-door.jpg, cargoContainer002.jpg, cargoContainer003.jpg, chainLinkFence.jpg, chest001.jpg, crate001.jpg, crate002.jpg, crate003.jpg, crate005.jpg, crate007.jpg, crate008.jpg, crate009.jpg, crate010.jpg, crate011.jpg, crate012.jpg, crateWide001.jpg, crateWide002.jpg, dumpster001.jpg, gasTank001.jpg, gear001.jpg, spareTire001.jpg, trafficCone001.jpg, trafficCone002.jpg, cage001.png, chainLinkFence-tile.png, fence-barbed-wire.png

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All contents of this 'Content Pack' are proprietary material of EivaaGames.

  • You can modify this content to conform them to your needs to use in your game and sell your game.
    However any such modifications are still derivatives of the content and may not be sold or distributed as your own original contents.
  • You cannot use this pack to make and sell more content packs.
  • You cannot transfer this media in whole or in part to another person without EivaaGames's permission.
  • You cannot remove any copyright or other EivaaGames proprietary notices.
  • You cannot permit anyone else to modify this media or use it for any commercial purpose.

EivaaGames may terminate this license at any time if you are in breach of the terms and conditions of this agreement.
Upon such termination you must and agree to immediately destroy all copies of this media.

If you have any questions regarding this license agreement, you may contact EivaaGames

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