Stone Pack

Stone Pack

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EivaaGames Stone Pack contains 25 various stones with 9 different textures,
you can apply any texture to any stone to get various combination.

Product Details:
● 25 Stones.
● 09 Stone textures. [ 512 x 512 ]
● 09 Bump Maps. [ 512 x 512 ]
● 09 Normal Maps. [ 512 x 512 ]
● Complete Setup for Torque Game Engine with Multires LOD system.
● Exported DTS formats.
● Simple Max files for other engines.
● OBJ for other 3D packages.

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    However any such modifications are still derivatives of the content and may not be sold or distributed as your own original contents.
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  • You cannot remove any copyright or other EivaaGames proprietary notices.
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EivaaGames may terminate this license at any time if you are in breach of the terms and conditions of this agreement.
Upon such termination you must and agree to immediately destroy all copies of this media.

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