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Game Info

Mugakapu is a 2D Arcade Game. This game has 102 levels.
It has two different modes.

Game Modes:
Mugakapu Mode:
Keep the ball in the play and destroy all the breakable bricks. Move your bat to the left and right using the mouse to do this, that’s it!
Unbreakable blocks will come down when hit, make them fall down by bringing them down enough, that will become extra life.

Brick Mode:
This mode is very similar to the game Tetris. You have to arrange the falling shapes to form a line to make score.

To know more details about Mugakapu, go to: Mugakapu Manual

Full Version Advantages
102 levels.
Unlimited play time. [No number of uses limitation]

System Requirement
Processor - 1.8 GHz or faster Processor
Operating System - Windows 98 or greater
Memory - 256 MB or more of RAM
DirectX - DirectX 8.0 or better
Drive Space - 10 MB of hard drive space

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