EivaaGames brings you this new addition to your video game collection. We hope you have as much fun playing Mugakapu as we had creating it. This manual is designed to assist you with any issues you may encounter and to help you get the most enjoyment out of your purchase.




System Requirements:

Processor - 1.8 GHz or faster Processor
Operating System - Windows 98 or greater
Memory - 256 MB or more of RAM
DirectX - DirectX 8.0 or better
Drive Space - 10 MB of hard drive space



Game Modes:

Mugakapu Mode:
Keep the ball in the play and destroy all the breakable bricks. Move your bat to the left and right using the mouse to do this, that’s it!

Unbreakable blocks will come down when hitted, make them fall down by bringing them down enough, that will become extra life.

Brick Mode:
This mode is very similar to the game Tetris. You have to arrange the falling shapes to form a line to make score.



Esc Pause game, bring up the pause menu screen.
Mugakapu Mode:  
Mouse Move the bat left and right.
Left mouse button Launch balls and fire bullets.
Brick Mode:  
Arrow Keys Move the shapes towards desired direction.
Arrow Keys (In Main Menu) Increase or decrease level number.
Page Down Take Screenshot (will be saved in the installed directory)




Mugakapu Mode:  
Extra Life:
When you take this, you get one extra life.
Triple Ball:
It makes three balls if you have less than three. When you loose all the balls, you loose the game. So with more balls you can last more.
Larger Bat:
It makes the bat larger. There are 3 lengths that the bat can be: small, normal, wide and wider. It gives you more chance to keep the balls in play.
Smaller Bat:
It makes the bat smaller to the next size down. Try to avoid it or if you wish to challenge yourself then go ahead and take this.
Hold The Ball:
It enables the bat to hold one ball until you press your left mouse button. It is helpful to save one ball until you loose all the other balls.
It gives you the ability to shoot bullets at the bricks. It fires so quickly, so use it to destroy most of the bricks.
Bottom Protection:
It can stop one ball from getting out of the stage. So try to get most of these powerups to last more in the game.
Bat Up:
It makes the bat go up to some extent. The more up you are the more chance of loosing the ball you have.
Bat Down:
It makes the bat come down if you are at upper position. So try to take it whenever you are on the upper place.
Beware of this. It freezes the bat for a moment and you can't control the bat. So you have most chances of loosing the ball.
Brick Mode:  

It explodes the adjacent bricks where you place it.

One Column Killer:
It explodes all the downward bricks where you place it.
One Row Killer:
It explodes the entire row where you place it.




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