Putt Golf
Putt Golf
Putt Golf
Putt Golf
Putt Golf

Game Info

Play the ultimate fun Putt Golf game. The game is very simple, you just have to judge the angle of the ground and tap at the right time to putt the ball.

Challenging Game Modes:
3 LIVES - You have 3 chances to miss and putt how much you can. Consecutive putts increases the multiplier and gives boost to your score.
IN A ROW - Putt as many times you can without missing a single putt. Really challenging.
10 SHOTS - You have 10 balls to putt. Try to putt the maximum out of these balls.

You can control the moving ball by tilting the device.

- 3 Game Modes.
- Game Center Support.

What's New in Version 1.0.1

- Universal App.
- Bigger screen size support for iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5.
- iPad Retina Display support.
- Added Stats screen.
- Game Center Support.
- Many other improvements.
- Bug Fixes.

Additional Info

iOS, Android

Release Date:
Nov 02, 2010